Why Pentaloop?

Pentaloop stands as a pioneering force within the industry, setting new standards by delivering cutting-edge technological solutions to our esteemed clientele through revolutionary applications. Renowned for our commitment to excellence, we cultivate an exceptional learning environment that fosters professional growth and propels careers forward. At the core of our organizational values lies a deep appreciation for our employees, establishing a friendly workspace that nurtures continuous personal and professional development. Our unwavering vision is to be an employer of choice, where the well-being and growth of our employees are prioritized. By upholding this vision, we strive to create an environment that encourages innovation, collaboration, and collective success, ensuring that every individual within our organization thrives.

We understand the importance of having a solid employee - Company relationship.

Training and development:

At Pentaloop, we prioritize employee training and development for a culture of growth and innovation. Our programs cover technical, professional, and leadership skills, collaborating with experts and offering hands-on experiences. We emphasize soft skills and encourage knowledge sharing and continuous improvement through cross-functional projects and peer learning. This investment fosters a dynamic, successful work environment driving innovation and excellence at Pentaloop.

Fresh graduates hiring program:

Pentaloop offers tailored hiring programs for fresh graduates, providing a platform for their professional journeys. Our program equips graduates with necessary skills and experiences through structured onboarding, mentorship, and hands-on projects. We foster a supportive learning environment, enhancing technical expertise, soft skills, and industry insights. Join Pentaloop’s program to kickstart your career in web development with confidence and unlock your full potential.

Fun work environment

Pentaloop fosters a fun and vibrant work environment that encourages creativity and collaboration. We believe in the power of a happy and engaged team to achieve exceptional results. Our office spaces are designed to inspire and energize, featuring vibrant colors, comfortable breakout areas, and game zones for friendly competition. We organize regular team-building activities, social events, and themed celebrations to foster camaraderie and a sense of belonging. We empower positive environment in here.

Bi-Annual increments 
Bi-annual increments are awarded based on meeting business objectives, individual performance
Provident Fund

Provident fund after completion of probation period.

Overtime Compensation

We ensure your valued time is compensated at our company.

Medical Allowance  
Cover medical costs in-patient and out-patient as a part of the employee wellness program
Gym fee reimbursement 

Reimburse of the monthly subscription fee if you are a part of any health club

Employee empowerment 

Provide the employees with Mobile phones as a token of appreciation every two years.